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Stay in School and Graduate
Sandoval County Juvenile

The Sandoval County Juvenile Justice Board (SCJJB) is made up of community citizens from many walks of life focused on reaching at-risk kids throughout the county before their actions lead to arrest, detention or harm to themselves or others and those that enter the juvenile justice system upon arrest. The SCJJB has developed a number of programs aimed at preventing gang affiliation, suicide, homicide, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, dropping out of school or low self esteem.  

The link below provides more information about the SCJJB:

The Sandoval County Juvenile Justice Board’s Client Development Subcommittee is tasked with removing barriers to education for youth involved with juvenile justice system as well as at-risk youth identified by school social workers and counselors.

We provide fund raising assistance to the Client Development Service Subcommittee which helps teens who may  be at risk to stay on track to complete their education, stay in school and become productive citizens. Our 501(c)(3) foundation accepts tax deductible contributions that are used to break down barriers that may prevent kids from learning.

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Contact us at or call President, Dave Heil 505-228-7189



If you would enjoy helping serve Kids In Sandoval County please join us in any of the following programs:

Young Children Priority One
We read to children between 0 and 5, provide books to preschools and encourage parents to read to children from age 0.  In the  0 to 5 age childrens' brains  are the most receptive to learning. By encourage a learning beginning our children will be more ready for school and for life.

Service Leadership Programs 
We support 2 High School Key Clubs and 1 Middle School Builders club which teach members leadership and teamwork in providing services to our community. Rio Rancho High School and Cleveland High School Key Clubs and Rio Rancho Middle School Builders Club are active in serving our community.

Child Spree - Kohl's Kiwanis Partnership
On the last Saturday in July we escort children from families in need through Kohl's at Cottonwood Corners to buy them back to school clothes. This is a great event to see smiles on kids' faces and a tear in moms' eyes as we are able to help.  To earn funds we schedule 3 or 4 community service projects in conjunction with Kohl's volunteers and Key Club members and Kohl's provides a grant for each project. Other Kiwnais clubs in the area also participate and provide funds from their budgets to help pay for the kids' clothes.


Help Save a Life

There are few events more joyful than the day a new baby is welcomed into the world. Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) kills one baby every nine minutes-----that’s 60,000 babies every year who will never grow up, make their mother’s laugh,play with friends or dream about the future. The effects of the disease are excruciating----tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. Up to 30,000 mothers die from MNT each year too. More than 100 million women and their future babies must be protected.
The good news is that this deadly disease can be prevented. Three doses of a 60-cent immunization protect mothers, who then pass on the immunity to their future babies. The project started with 40 countries in the world in need of help and that has been reduced to 31.

Please contact Don Levine, the Divisional Coordinator for The Eliminate Project at 505-980-4992 to get more details on how you can help save a life.
We are a 501 (c) (3) and you may be eligible for a tax credit for your donation.